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Hakkari The Glowing Light of the East!

In the wake of the proliferation of investments in the eastern provinces of Turkey, Ekaldes showed a great example of responsibility, and became the light of this development.

As a company that undertakes the street, highway and park lighting projects of many eastern provinces, especially Hakkari, Ekaldes has been working tirelessly since the first day to complete the projects without being exhausted and without slowing down. The most prominent of these projects was Hakkari and it was able to attract attention quickly.

While the works which started to be made in Çarlemerik, Fidan Hanım and Derviş Yalım streets in Hakkari were completed within a short period of time, the people of Hakkâri seem quite satisfied without the work done. While applying EAD-302 on the road sides and EAD-4602 decorative LED equipped Aluminum lighting poles on the central refuges, work has been started and is currently under way to assemble Ekaldes LED equipped Aluminum city visual at the intersection of the street.

Cities are beautiful with us!