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Ekaldes Products, Sounded in Ankara


6th Road Traffic Security Symposium and Exhibition in Ankara with the participation of our company; (ATO Congress Center) on 12-14 November 2015 with the participation of Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Interior, Police General Directorate, Police Academy Presidency, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, General Directorate of Highways and Higher Education Council, Done. 6th Highway Traffic Safety Symposium and Exhibition On Thursday, November 12, 2015 at 10:00, the Head of the Supreme Court of Appeals İsmail Rüştü CİRİT, Interior Minister Selami ALTINOK, Transportation, Maritime and Communications Minister Feridun BİLGİN started.

It was held with the participation of sector representatives, academicians, foreign guests and citizens as well as the opening ceremony protocol of the Highway Traffic Safety Symposium and Exhibition arranged with the aim of mutual sharing of the experiences of the companies, institutions, organizations in the field of traffic and the works of scientists.

Minister ALTINOK also visited.
Ekaldes Lighting, which introduced the new generation of LED aluminum signaling poles to Fuard, also showed its interest in Ankara. The stand, where the new generation led aluminum signaling pylons were introduced at the Eurasian Security and Traffic Fair, was also visited by Interior Minister Selami Altinok.

Ekaldes Signalization Technology Highlighted.
Speaking of which, it was emphasized that aluminum poles have the advantage of recycling compared to other poles and LED lighting is much more economical and safer than conventional lighting.

in fair also hosted Polish companies in 76 public institutions that produce products, services and technology related to traffic, private sector organizations and the Polish Embassy’s Trade and Investment Development Department. Fair; Symposium, panels and sessions.

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6. Karayolu Trafik Güvenliği Sempozyumu ve Sergisi - Ankara
6. Karayolu Trafik Güvenliği Sempozyumu ve Sergisi - Ankara