Genel Haberler, News

Installation of City Visuals to Tarsus Crossings Was Completed

The assembly works of EKALDES city visual which were launched a few days ago in Tarsus district of Mersin came to an end.

An EAD 1600 EKALDES city visual of Ottoman Monarch was installed in Tarsus. The inner parts of the monarch were processed with a motif Aluminum of Seljuk pattern. Thus, as usual, it created a nice view.

Another visual was made in order to close an open channel. Using the New Generation of Aluminum Lighting of EKALDES EAG 2012, a city visual was manufactured and installed. Also, a LED equipped rail produced by EKALDES was also assembled and installed around the visual. Thus the environment became more sheltered and the view was taken to another level. Very positive responses were also received from the residents.

“Cities are beautiful with us”