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Our company was founded in 1974 and by taking on the name of Eksan Enerji in 2007 strengthened its place in the sector of contraction and external lighting as the years went by. By gaining inspiration from the changing and developing lighting technologies we added the “Aluminum lightening pole with LED” to our production activity in 2012 with the brand of “Ekaldes”. The starting point of the idea was to give new meaning to the poles, which look bad and have no meanings, by taking advantage of the shapeable structure of Aluminum and the power of LED technology, which is the favorite illumination source nowadays.

As nowadays our need for energy saving and renewable materials is increasing, we have combined Aluminium, which is long lasting and recyclable, and LED light source, which provides much more savings than other light sources.

For this purpose, at the end of long successful R&D works, we have developed the products for which we gave the name of “Aluminum Lighting Pole with LED” owning all the intellectual and industrial rights. We continued these researches on how to diversify the idea of spreading the light over all the pole while giving speed to our work in the production and the presentation of our “Aluminum Lighting Poles with LED”. During the researches, in order to increase the safety of lives and properties in traffic, we thought that we can install the warning function in the signal groups. With the help of lighting technology that we have developed, we could even load it on the pole itself, so the idea of “LED Aluminum Traffic Signal Poles” emerged.

Like every innovation, we base our ideas on making cities more livable, more secure and safer for people. For this reason, we specified our slogan as “Cities are beautiful with us”. The visible change in the places where our products were applied made our brand known throughout the country in a short time. The positive reactions and feedback we have received from our domestic and foreign guests in the fairs and symposiums we have participated in gave an easier way to starting our long-term goal which is exporting our products.

Today, we come to the point where our lighting poles and special designs for roads, parks, and gardens and also our traffic signal poles are available in many cities in the country and abroad. With this responsibility, which is loaded on our shoulders by this interest, we hope that we will keep our national and international success and achievement by increasing our quality and developing our products.

Chairman of the Board
Chairman of the Board
Our Mission

It is to offer customers products and services that meet today’s expectations and requirements on time and on time, exceeding expectations in the future.

Our Vision

To work in line with international vision, mission and values,
Customer requests are always kept on the front panel,
Respect to the environment, nature and collectivity,
Contemporary management based on open communication, which values human resources, supports productivity and helps development,
Efficient use of all resources,
Integrity with our customers, partners, suppliers and employees,
In our commercial and social relations, we will not give up the principle of mutual trust, superior business ethics and honest behavior.

Our Quality Policies

  • Customer Responsibility
  • Production Processes
  • Quality Investments
  • Working with Principles
  • Compliance with Quality Requirements
Our Quality Policy

After the aluminum cone flagpoles, the lighting poles presented by the EKALDES Group to the market attract attention with their aesthetic and unique designs. The aim is not only to illuminate the spaces but also to create different, modern and aesthetic living spaces by using aluminum, which is a nature-friendly, recyclable material, in the urban texture. The pillars that produced in the ASAŞ Aluminum integrated facility, which is designed by Turkish designers within the EKALDES Group and which has a high level of design precision and has international quality certificates (TSE, QUALICOAT, QUALANOAT, ISO 9001-2000, ISO 14001) in the sector, offers many advantages:

• Use of aluminum which is a friendly, recyclable material for the environment
• Specially designed large product range
• Corrosion and weather resistance
• Long service life
• Different color options
• High reflectivity
• Aesthetic stylish appearance

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We're Smiling While Working

Our team who are striving for quality will do their jobs with pleasure. Producing ideas for us is the priority of business generation. Happy; People with a smile on their face always produce good ideas. This ensures that we are able to carry our hiccups even further up in all our processes.


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